About us

Magicast® focuses on developing creative solutions for Mixed Reality AI systems. Our core team consists of global experts from renowned companies such as aigo Group, Baofeng Group Co., the University of Liverpool's Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), Foxconn Technology Group, FESCO Group, and others who have vast experience in the fields of Algorithm Software and Optical Hardware research.

We are excited to announce a pioneer Mixed Reality platform, MorphoMR®, one of Magicast's homegrown inventions. The core part of MorphoMR® is the MR-AI processing unit, DepthBrain®, which is based on the tracking of depth image and reality perception developed from algorithm's framework SlamSens®; and Dicoria® Depth Sensors Perception Array, which is applied to 2D Marker Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Model Tracking Detection, and other scenario. The MorphoMR® Platform is integrated with NED Optics technology such as Freeform Optics and Optical Waveguide Optics, thereby transforming it into a brand new interactive platform in the field of Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality.

The vision of Magicast® is to explore new methods to reconfigure what we see through reality perception. Magicast.xyz, as a developer platform of MorphoMR®, opens MR Algorithm SDK and MR Assets Store for all developers, in order to cater to business partners in MR + Travel & Education, MR + Culture & Art, MR + Marketing & Assistant. MorphoMR® ecosystem platform provides a competitive turnkey “MR + AI” solution with “Data Perception + Artificial Intelligence + Mixed Reality”.



Phone: 010-86464512

Address: 309 HomeX, Wudaokou, Haidian, Beijing

Contact: info@magicast.cn


Ø Founded


Ø Second Prize Maker Competition of 2017 Venture Week For International Elites in Suzhou


Ø Membership certified by LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network)

Ø Membership certified by ESA(Embedded Systems Association) of CSIA (China Software Industry Association)


Ø Global Silver Geek Challenger Match of Week of Innovation and Startup

Ø Third Prize “Create the Future” 2016 International Youth Technological Startup Competition

Ø Membership ertified by Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance (IRVR)

Ø Received Investment of well-known VC


Ø Third Prize Star of Hangzhou 2016 Innovation Startup Competition

Ø Silver Prize The Capital youth Innovation Startup Competition

Ø Settled in Techcode Beijing

Ø Graduated from Kr Space of 36Kr, term 8


Ø Was selected into PKU (Peking University) Business Incubator, term 4


Ø Was selected into Zhongguancun Little Giant Maker Center of BOB (Bank of Beijing), term 5

Ø The inspection of Minister of national ministry of science and technology and related Leading comrades

Ø Received Hightechnology Certification of Zhongguancun


Ø Membership certified by Industry of Augmented Reality Alliance (ARA)


Ø Representative firm of 2017 Venture Week For International Elites in Suzhou

Ø Received the inspection of Municipal leaders of Jiangsu Province


Ø Was selected to be one of the top 20 of “China Innovation Pioneer 2017” in Zhongguancun Innovation & Entrepreneurship Festival


Ø Was selected to be “The golden seed”Enterprise of Zhongguancun Science Park in 2017”

Ø Published MR Christmas v1.1.0 MR Selfie Application


Ø Received the New Technology and New Product (service) Identification in Beijing.

Ø Published MR Holiday v1.1.0 MR Pasting Spring Couplets Application.


Ø Launched MorphoMR® Smart Glasses Prototype in CES2018


Ø Started incubating at HomeX startup accelerator


Ø Was selected as one of the top 100 of "Beijing Creative Culture Competition 2018"


Ø Representative firm of Zhongguancun Science Park(Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Area)

Ø Representative firm and technology showcase at Zhongguancun's 40th Anniversary Innovation Exhibition


Ø Published MR Starry Night v0.0.3 Mixed Reality application

Ø Published AR MagicDeer v0.0.2 (Beta) interactive gaming application


Ø Inspected by the Vice-Chairman and other government members of IMAR (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region) on Magicast's "AR+ Smart Cultural Tourism" Solutions

Ø Overall Silver award at the 5th China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Internet team)

Ø First Prize at the 2018 Suzhou Xiangcheng District's 6th Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


Ø Launched the Magicast Developer Platform at www.magicast.xyz as a TLD (top-level domain)


Ø Won the first batch of "Beijing Haidian District Germ Enterprise" Honorary Title

Ø Received the title of "2018 Eyas Talent”

Ø Champion of "2018 Stars MARS Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Competition

Ø Acquired the Certification of 2018 Plug and Play Unicorn Acceleration Program in IoT


Ø Received the award of "2018 Technology Innovation Contribution” that association of technology entrepreneurs

Ø Received the award of "the Most Investment-worthy Company of the Year in Venture Capital" in 2018 Internet 9th Bull Ear Award Presentation Ceremony